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This is what makes us unique

Csaba Vamos

I'm really happy that you visited here and interested in our work.
Here we go!

I’m always thinking of a team however a some words about me.

I’am lucky because I totally do what I like. Because of my work, I meet a lot of fantastic people from week to week, I travel a lot and fortunately I can take even more photos. I wouldn’t change that for nothing!

I have been working with Angi for years, with whom we make a perfect match not only in life but also in work. Truly a trio, because Leo is spending all of free times a very cute little French bulldog. At the moment, this is about looking forward to the arrival of our little girl, Fanni.

In addition to photography and my family, I have two main activities: one is the travel and another is the books and movies world. That’s why my style is greatly influenced by old and new movies, and I’m looking forward to telling you your stories through my pictures.

“The most important thing is the captured moment and the classic clean style, so that the images will not wear the current trends faded in years.
We do not follow any of the current fashion trends in wedding photography, so we have no limitations when we need to get the moments unnoticed but we know exactly when and what instructions to give.”



1998-2002 – Photographer
Art High School

2002-2006 – Drawing and Visual Communication
College of Nyíregyháza (Republican Scholarship)

2006-2011 – Leaf editor, Magazine photographer

2011- Full-time wedding photographer

2018 – Wedding photographer of the year


Their work is necessary for that the Vamos Wedding Phototgraphy always ensures the maximum quality.

What are we doing so much?

Naturalness is eternal,
however, an unexpected acne
and many unforeseen inconveniences
but it is much less.
That’s why we are unique in Hungary
retouch images from beginning to end
(yes even the party).

Not just simple retouch

We will do everything,
that your pictures are go
from ordinary to extraordinary.